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Royal Danish Consulate – Visas


According to the Schengen regulations the applicant must come to the Embassy in person both when applying for a visa, and subsequently when collecting a visa.  It is also a condition that the applicant is staying legally in Poland. A Polish residence permit must be valid three months beyond the expiration date of the visa.

The Embassy should receive the following documents:

  • 1 completed application form
  • 1 completed supplementary form
  • 1 recent passport photo (colour)
  • Copy of relevant pages of the passport incl. copy of previous Schengen-visas, if any. Please note that the passport must be valid 3 months beyond the expiration date of the visa
  • A signed invitation from a Danish reference, if any, stating the applicant’s full name and relationship to the reference, passport number, exact purpose and duration of the stay
  • Documentation to the effect that the applicant has sufficient funds for the duration of his/her stay (min. DKK 350 per day), and for the journey home
  • Documentation of employment or study, if any
  • Medical insurance for the stay with a coverage of min. EUROS 30,000.-. The insurance must cover: 1) Repatriation for medical reasons, 2) urgent medical attention, 3) emergency hospital treatment. If the insurance is divided into these items, the minimum sum insured for each item must be 10.000 EUROS.

It should be noted that additional documentation may be required by the Embassy.

Application form and compulsory supplementary form may be found here at the home page of the Danish Immigration Service:

Supplementary Form:

The application form should be completed in English.

All supporting documents must be in Polish, Danish, English or German language. Documents issued in any other language must be accompanied by a verified translation into one of these languages.

Should a visa be granted the applicant must show a return ticket at the Embassy. The Embassy strongly recommends that applicants do not make final travel arrangements, including the purchase of a non-refundable air ticket for a specific date, prior to approval of issue of a visa.

The fee for handing in a visa application is PLN 230, which fee is non-refundable.

The time needed for processing of the application may be up to 8 weeks.
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