NH Recruitment is a part of NordicHouse, a consulting agency supporting Scandinavian companies on the Polish market.

NH Recruitment deals with the recruitment of temporary workers and permanent staff from Poland, with particular emphasis on the Scandinavian countries. The office is located in Krakow, in the Southern part of Poland.

NH Recruitment aims to become the preferred partner in the recruitment of Polish qualified workforce for Scandinavian companies. We want to become the most competent and trustworthy partner in finding and selecting employees. Therefore, both in terms of human resources as well as procedures and tools, we are oriented towards development and innovation.

We always try to be up to date with the latest information on market development, in order to be able to meet the demand for labor and ensure its smooth flow between countries.

Our first projects involved recruiting engineers, doctors and nurses to Danish hospitals. Today, we focus on recruiting qualified specialists as well as skilled and unskilled workers for smaller companies and large global corporations representing various industries in Scandinavia.

Recruitment process

Company analysis

To find a suitable candidate for a vacant position, we must have solid and objective knowledge of the position and the company. This knowledge will be built through interviews with relevant employees of your company.

Research and screening

Based on the company’s profile and positions, we look for candidates in our database and the entire network, with whom we initially contact by phone and then interview.

Interview with candidates

Personal interviews and personality analyzes (if required) with selected candidates are conducted simultaneously with collecting references from former employers or persons who can confirm the candidate’s qualifications.

During the interviews, we get to know the candidates very well, their personal skills, professional qualifications and professional experience, as well as their career and motivations.

Presentation of candidates

For each of the qualified candidates, we create presentation materials that consist of a description of the candidate’s profile, education and career progress. The company receives these materials before the meeting with the candidates.

Company interview

NH Recruitment coordinates the practical details between the company and the candidate if the meeting is to be held in a Scandinavian country. We will be pleased to participate in the interview, after which the entire recruitment process can be evaluated with the participation of the company and the candidate.

Another possibility is that the person responsible for HR in the company comes to Krakow to interview the proposed candidates in our offices.

Candidate selection

The final candidate is of course selected by the company. After accepting the appropriate candidate, the company negotiates the salary and contract for the new employee. We can also participate in this process if the need arises.


After both parties sign the contract, we contact the rejected candidates. In order to provide answers to potential questions, we personally contact the candidates we presented.

Candidates who have not been presented will receive written notification that their candidacy has been rejected.

Follow up and warranty

After completing the recruitment process, we always collect opinions from the company and the candidate about their satisfaction with the recruitment process. In a similar way, we check the terms of employment of an employee and company satisfaction up to 3 months from the date of employment.

We give a six-month warranty. This means that we will find a new candidate for the same position at our expense, if the employment relationship is terminated contrary to expectations due to factors related to our candidate recommendation.