About NordicHouse

NordicHouse is a Business Center created with the intention of disseminating interregional cooperation between southern Poland and the Nordic countries, strengthening contacts between national ones, as well as learning about other cultures and customs. The project is implemented in cooperation with Nordic embassies, cultural institutes, institutions, and private companies. The cooperation covers five Nordic countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

All activities aimed at promoting business contacts, tourism and culture.

NordicHouse is also a reliable advisor in the field of exporting goods to the Nordic market, including Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

The Krakow seat of the NordicHouse houses the Consulates of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Republic of Finland and Iceland designated as the following voivodeships: Małopolskie, Śląskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie.

The facility is equipped with a conference room, guest rooms, and a pub for the organization of various types of special events.

Krakow, as the main area of industrial activity in Poland, has unlimited development opportunities, especially in the field of modern technologies.

In the last years of our activity,
we have been an effective development partner for many Nordic companies.

• NKT Polska
• ISS Cleaning Service
• NIRAS Polska
• Danfoss, Grundfos
• Capnor Poland
• CEBI Nor
• Carl Bro
• Bikuben Fonden

• Falck
• Friis og Søborg
• CEBI Nor
• Velux Fonden
• Zleep Hotels
• RoMedic
• PeVeCette
• TTMed
• Ishøj Sprogskole

• Furnel Travel
• Kilroy
• MT Højgaard
• Radiant Root
• iClin Solutions
• Nardos
• Brüsch
• Jokan System
• Aaen

• Babcock&Wilcox Vølund
• Duba
• Reno-Nord
• Brønnum
• TCM Danmark
• Beltone
• Radisson
• CPH West
• Ventac Partners

NordicHouse team

Janusz Kahl

President of NordicHouse, Danish, Finnish and Swedish honorary consul in Krakow
phone: +48 (12) 421 73 80 mobil: +48 601 33 68 80 j.kahl@nordichouse.pl

Katarzyna Kostia

President's assistant
phone: +48 (12) 421 73 80 kk@nordichouse.pl

Karolina Najder

Martin Kahl (Copenhagen, DK)

Market manager
tel. +45 21 81 87 80 m.kahl@nordichouse.pl