Patronage of Carbon Footprint Summit 2023 butterfly effect

The 3 Consulates in NordicHouse, Danish, Finish and Icelandic took patronage of Carbon Footprint Summit 2023 butterfly effect, an event that took place on October 17-18, 2023. The 4th edition of the climate summit – Carbon Footprint Summit 2023 butterfly effect was organised by Carbon Footprint Foundation.

The summit was organized in Cricoteka – a unique space of the museum and gallery of Tadeusz Kantor’s work. The headquarters is an avant-garde combination of two buildings – a historic power plant and a modern structure. The project refers to Kantor’s drawing and was awarded for creating a public space that is a stage and an audience at the same time – a place of constant spectacle, where the boundaries between the actor and the viewer are eliminated. The Carbon Footprint Foundation chose Cricoteka as a space for ecological integration and climate dialogue.

butterfly effect is the main theme of the summit and is related to the so-called chaos theory in mathematics. The sum of individual actions has global significance, and each, even seemingly insignificant, choice has a huge impact. We operate as one system in which everything is interdependent, and each of us can start a change by “flapping our wings”. The fourth edition of cfs focuses on looking for mutual dependencies – realizing that our actions have consequences – both good and bad.

The event was addressed to the business world, the scientific and academic community, NGOs, leaders, activists and everyone who is interested in issues of ecology and climate change and wants to influence the course of events.

On the first day, October 17, the Krakow edition of the well-known TEDx NadwiślańskaSt format took place, presenting the premiere speeches of extraordinary speakers, including Weronika Marczuk from the Society of Friends of Ukraine, Dawid Zieliński from Columbus Energy, Dr. Katarzyna Bąkowicz from SWPS and Paweł Grabias, a YouTuber known as Rock Your English.

On the second day – October 18, a climate conference was held – lectures and discussion panels in the following thematic areas: carbon footprint, emission offset, modern energy and green reconstruction of Ukraine, attended by, among others, Jakub Wiech from Energetyka24, Ewa Całus from UMK, Tomoho Umeda from Hynfra, Katarzyna Kojzar from, Szymon Kowalski from PWEA, Paulina Tarczyńska from Fakro and Kinga Jurga from Puls Biznesu.

Carbon Footprint Summit 2023 is also an Eco+Tech Hackathon in cooperation with Kraków City of Startups and Columbus Energy; Open Mic Stage – a special space for young people in partnership with Open Future International School. Finally, it is an eco cinema, an initiative prepared in cooperation with the Green Festival Foundation, the creator of six editions of the BNP Paribas Green Film Festival.




Carbon Footprint Foundation is the first foundation in Central Europe to tackle the issue of carbon footprint on such a large scale. It carries out its mission by providing substantive content and proprietary calculation and certification tools. It supports business in decarbonization, examines carbon footprint, issues recommendations and provides training in sustainable development. Organizes the Carbon Footprint Summit.

It proves that climate protection and climate neutrality do not stand in the way of economic development, but set new, sustainable directions. It strives for as many companies as possible to examine their carbon footprint, report emissions and reduce them. Even though environmental protection has been present in social discourse for three decades, he sees the need to expand ecological awareness and jointly counteract the climate catastrophe.

building awareness about the carbon footprint, because we know that ecology benefits everyone and everyone.

we support the green transformation because we want to leave only a good trace.