NordicHouse as Referral Partner of Klappir

NordicHouse became a Referral Partner of Klappir, an Icelandic provider of Klappir Sustainability Platform, a single solution for companies sustainability work. With Klappir Sustainability Platform companies can comply with sustainability directives and standards by collecting and processing, environmental, social and governance data across company’s value chain to facilitate transparent sustainability accounting and reporting.

Klappir Digital Ecosystem 
Klappir’s Digital Eccosystem ensures better sustainability performance with a cloud solution that includes data collection and management, asset management, value chain management, analytics, sustainability accounting and reporting.

With the Klappir Sustainability Platform, meeting the ESRS requirements is a straight forward task for users. The European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) is a set of mandatory EU sustainability compliance and disclosure requirements. The ESRS are designed to make Sustainability Accounting and Reporting within the EU more Accurate, Common, Consistent, Comparable, and Standardized, just like financial accounting and reporting.

Klappir’s Digital Ecosystem Approach

Companies need to have access to reliable, solid and transparent information on sustainability. This allows them to make better decisions related to their own sustainability performance, for example, access information related to the ecological footprint of goods and services or understanding the various sources of emissions through the value chain. When having this information it can be coupled with actionable changes resultantly allowing companies to adapt their performance decisions.

On the basis of Sustainable Development Goal number 17, partnership for the goals, the Klappir ecosystem enables organizations to work together and share information, receive support from others and thereby contribute to society through collaboration.

All users of Klappir Sustainability Platform are connected to the Klappir Digital Ecosystem and can invite others in the ecosystem to share data. At the same time, users have control of sharing their own data to ensure reliable and validated flow of data between parties. Unequivocally, sustainability is not only about your business – it is about your customers, suppliers and logistics too and therefore cooperation is vital.

About Klappir

Klappir is a leading global sustainability software company, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Iceland. Klappir stands out due to its comprehensive approach to operations, trusted experience, groundbreaking product portfolio, and strategic expansion into new markets.

As a global leader in sustainability software solutions, Klappir’s holistic approach to operations, innovative product offerings, and strategic market expansion pave the way for businesses to thrive in an increasingly sustainability-driven world. Klappir’s visionary journey promises not only growth but also a transformative impact on how companies navigate and embrace the complexities of sustainability accounting and reporting.

Klappir Sustainability Platform for ESRS compliance

Sustainability managers face numerous challenges in their role. Juggling multiple point solutions or struggling with impractical spreadsheets often leads to scattered sustainability data, non-transparent statements, and wasted time collecting data from various sources.

Klappir understands companies’ assignment and offer a better way forward

Klappir’s Sustainability Platform revolutionizes the way companies manage sustainability. With all tools and data consolidated in a single, user-friendly digital platform, you can say goodbye to inefficiencies and embrace streamlined processes. The platform is designed to align with global standards and guidance, ensuring that your sustainability statements are transparent, trusted, and aligned with CSRD and ESRS.

By utilizing Klappir´s software, one can transform raw activity data into actionable insights. Gain a real-time overview of your environmental footprint and understand the impact of your operations. The intuitive interface empowers you to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change towards a more sustainable future.

From 2014 Klappir has been continuously improving the Sustainability Platform and the Platform Extensions. Company focuses on robust and transparent data recording, data management, asset management and digital twin, analytics, insights, accounting and disclosure of sustainability statements. Klappir focuses also on customers’ ability to cooperate in one digital ecosystem by sharing sustainability data and information with each other.

From having 50 customers in 2015 Klappir now has more than 700 customers utilizing some of the Platform features or all of them. These customers are from various industries like aviation, shippingbanking, financial, retail and real estate as an example. Therefore Klappir has an extensive knowledge of the challenges these industries are facing and has the tools and methodology to support its customers toward a more sustainable future.