Goodwill Ambassador meeting in Cph.

Janusz Kahl, CEO in NordicHouse is Goodwill Ambassador for the Greater Copenhagen Region, a Danish-Swedish region connected by the Øresund bridge from Copenhagen to Malmø. On 27 to 29thAugust 2023, 58 Goodwill Ambassadors from the whole world met in a yerly meeting in Copenhagen. During these days ambassadors met with members of the Danish Parliament, Danish Industry and the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen.

Goodwill ambassadors for the Greater Copenhagen Region serve as advocates, diplomats, and representatives who work to enhance the region’s global presence and attract international attention, investments, and collaborations. Their activities vary depending on their individual expertise and the specific goals set by the region’s authorities and organizations.

Their primary responsibilities may include:

  • Promoting the Region: Goodwill ambassadors help promote the Greater Copenhagen Region as a desirable place to live, work, invest, and visit. They may participate in marketing campaigns, events, and promotional activities to highlight the region’s strengths and opportunities.
  • Attracting Investments: Ambassadors may to attract foreign investments, businesses, and talent to the region. They use their networks and influence to encourage companies to set up operations or expand in the Greater Copenhagen area.
  • Fostering International Relations: Goodwill ambassadors engage in diplomatic efforts to strengthen international relations and cooperation. They represent the region at international events, meetings, and conferences, fostering connections with other cities, regions, and countries.
  • Supporting Cultural Exchange: Some ambassadors focus on promoting cultural exchange and collaboration. They facilitate partnerships between cultural institutions, artists, and organizations in the Greater Copenhagen Region and their counterparts abroad.
  • Highlighting Sustainability and Innovation: Given the region’s reputation for sustainability and innovation, ambassadors advocate for environmentally friendly practices and technological advancements. They showcase the region’s commitment to sustainability on a global scale.
  • Advocating for Education and Research: Ambassadors support educational and research initiatives by collaborating with universities, research institutions, and educational organizations. They help attract international students and researchers to the region.
  • Showcasing Quality of Life: Goodwill ambassadors emphasize the high quality of life in the Greater Copenhagen Region, including its healthcare, education, social services, and overall well-being. This can be appealing to potential residents and businesses.
  • Participating in Events and Conferences: They often participate in international events, conferences, and trade missions to represent the region’s interests, share knowledge, and build relationships with stakeholders from around the world.
  • Providing Expertise: Ambassadors act as subject matter experts in various fields, such as business, culture, or innovation, to provide insights and guidance on regional matters.
  • Networking and Collaboration: They collaborate with local government officials, business leaders, cultural figures, and other stakeholders to advance the goals and interests of the Greater Copenhagen Region.