Meeting with German Business Development Agency

NordicHouse participated on August 3, 2023 in a meeting organized at the headquarters of the partner, the Małopolska Regional Development Agency (MARR). The organizer of the meeting of entrepreneurs with experts on doing business in German-speaking countries was the Polish German Business Center (PGBC) based in Krakow.

The special guest of the meeting was Professor Markus Nawroth – representative of the Business Development Agency Tübingen-Reutlingen-Zollernalb GmbH operating in the Stuttgart area in the southern part of Germany with the seat of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Reutlingen, which has as many as 44,000 member companies.


The meeting was an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and valuable contacts in the field of business development, knowledge of applicable law and establishing and then effectively running a business on the German market.

The meeting was conducted by CEO of Procreator and Managing Partner of PGBC Piotr Kuglarz. Substantive and legal support was provided by Paweł Kuglarz, responsible for the legal department at PGBC, co-founder of the School of German Law and Director of the School of Austrian Law at the Jagiellonian University.

The meeting with German partners, in addition to knowing how to run a business in Germany, was also an opportunity to establish specific contacts between SPCleantech and the Business Development Agency Tübingen-Reutlingen-Zollernalb GmbH associating 44,000 member companies.