NordicHouse supports new SIGs

Currently, there are 9 smaller SIG groups operating within NordicHouse and the partner, SPCleantech. These groups have been preparing for a long time for applications as part of the competition for funds from the call for proposals for innovative projects from the FENG (European Funds for Modern Economy) program announced on February 7, 2023 – SMART path. The SMART path is a continuation of the “fast track” at the NCBiR, which is currently coordinated by PARP for SMEs. For the current recruitment of February 21, 2023, 5 applications developed by SIG groups are submitted. In the next recruitment on April 13, 2023, 4 applications will be submitted.

What are SIGs (Special Interest Groups)

The goal of SIG is to find a common topic (challenge) that is so current and attractive for a group of SPCleantech members that they will want to devote time and energy to it. After finding a sufficient number of members and partners interested in building a coherent group, the group chooses its leader (challenge owner), who together with NordicHouse and SPCleantech will be responsible for coordinating further work. Ultimately, each SIG must develop its own possible project idea, a business model, innovative technology or service by initiating the project development processes and decide on financing the developed solutions, and finally develop an application for national centers, regional or EU funds to finance these activities.

How SPCleantech supports SIG groups

NordicHouse helps groups form and run by organizing kickoff meetings and helping to build structure. We help you choose the right partners from among our members or external partners. We also support groups by providing a conference room, organizing coffee breaks during meetings and organizing networking meetings. All of this is free for SPCleantech members.

If you have an idea for an innovative product, service or improvement of processes in your company, which you cannot implement on your own, contact us. We will try to help you. We also help start-ups.

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