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South Poland Cleantech Cluster

NordicHouse initiated creation of South Poland Cleantech Cluster comprising two regions: "Małopolska and Śląsk - Science and Industry Region based on clean technologies". Clusters are considered as a driver for innovation and regional development worldwide. NordicHouse cooperates in the process with Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster. Members are companies, public authorities and research institutions. NordicHouse plays the role of sectretariat for the cluster.
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Cooperation with Balidea, Spain

On February 18, 2013, Balidea, a Spanish IT company led by CEO Carlos Segade Dominguez visited NordicHouse. Balidea, placed in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia in Spain has won several contracts in Denmark and is looking for cooperation with Polish IT companies. Balidea is also interested in Polish market and therefore entered in partnership with NordicHouse.
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Partnership with a Danish IT company

NordicHouse has started cooperation with a Danish IT company, Ennui. Ennui orients its services towards meeting Scandinavian client’s objectives, providing standard based quality management, and increasing efficiency by aligning business processes and IT infrastructure, and thus reducing the risks associated with the implementation of IT services. NordicHouse is responsible for cooperation and quality control of Polish partners.
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Consulate of Iceland in Krakow

On December 17, 2012, CEO in NordicHouse, Janus Kahl was appointed consul for Iceland in Krakow. The consular area consists of 4 regions in Southern Poland: Malopolska, Slask, Podkarpacie og Swietokrzyskie, that together count 12 mln. inhabitants. The ceremony, that found place in NordicHouse was led by the Icelandic Ambassador in Berlin, Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson.
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Finnish visit

On December 02, 2012, Janus Kahl, CEO in NordicHouse met a delegation from the Finnish Parliament. The delegation was led by the Speaker for the Parliament, Eero Heinäluoma. The Speaker underlined the significance of the bussiness contacts between the Finnish and Polish companies og the role that NordicHouse is playing in this process.
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Visit of the Danish Amassador

Danish Ambassador, Steen Hommel visited on 19.11.2012 NordicHouse. During the meeting the Ambassador expressed his support to NordicHouses activities and the wish to continue cooperation in projects regarding environment, energy and health care. Together with CEO in NordicHouse, Janus Kahl, the ambassador visited the city Mayor, Voivode and Regions Marshall.

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Visit from Forsaa, Finland

On September 14th, 2012, a delegation from the Handicraft and Industry Association in Forsaa, Finland visited NordicHouseThe participating visitors consisted of the chairman of the association and a number of member companies. NordicHouse arranged visits to Polish companies in Krakow and its surroundings for the the Finish companies. Several contacts have been established as a result of this visit and further collaboration will be coordinated by NordicHouse.
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Cooperation with Esbjerg, Denmark

On September 13th, 2012, a delegation from Esbjerg, Denmark visited NordicHouse. The delegation consisted of members of board of directors of the Music House in Esbjerg, director Torben Seldrup, city mayor, Johnny Søtrup, and representatives of the industry in Esbjerg. The mayor is interested in promoting cooperation between municipal institutions in Denmark and businesses in Krakow and Southern Poland, which will be coordinated by NordicHouse.
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New trainee in NordicHouse

NordicHouse has on September 1, 2012, empolyed a new Danish trainee, Niels Mølgaard. Niels is responsible for the Nordic markets (DK, S, N, FI, IS), especially for contacts with companies, institutions, schools, munucipalities and regions.
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Cleantech workshop in Copenhagen

On August 29, 2012, Janus Kahl, CEO in NordicHouse participated in a cleantech workshop organized in Marriott in Copenhagen. Guest speakers in the workshop organized by Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster were Ida Auken, Danish Minister for the Environment, Jacob Linulf from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Anne Grethe Holmsgaard from BioRefining Alliance with many others.
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