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Business Mixer in SPCleantech

On 18.10.2016, South Poland Cleantech Cluster invited Members and Partners of the cluster to “SPCleantech-Business Mixer” in NordicHouse in Kraków. NordicHouse is founder and co-owner of SPCleantech.
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Cooperation with Midroc, Malmø (S)

On 04.10.2017 Janusz Kahl, CEO in NordicHouse, met with Magnus Skiöld, CEO in Midroc Property Development, one of the biggest developers in Sweden and Tomas Petersson, business developer in Midroc. The purpose of the meeting was to establish a co-operation aimed at starting a business on the Polish market.
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Partnership with BLOXHUB, Copenhagen (DK)

On 02.10.2017 CEO in NordicHouse, Janusz Kahl agreed with Torben Klitgaard, CEO in BLOXHUB in Copenhagen (DK) on a partnership agreement regarding cooperation, common projects and applications for EU funds.
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New cooperation platform in SPCleantech – Industry 4.0

Visit on 20.09.2017 in Stockholm, especially in Västerås Science Park, Expectrum, robot cluster, Robotdalen and ABB headquarters in Västerås, as well as the contacts made during these visits, have spurred NordicHouse and SPCleantech to create a new Industry 4.0 collaboration platform. This platform will contribute to promoting the notion of Industry 4.0 among cluster members and supporting them in the process of introducing new technologies.
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Visit to Stockholm and Västerås (S)

NordicHouse, represented by the President, Janusz Kahl participated in a conference organized by the Swedish Foreign Ministry in Stockholm and Västerås on 18-21.09.2017. Stefan Gullgren, Ambassador of Sweden to Poland, was also in attendance.
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Cooperation with Rzeszów

On 11.09.2017 President of NordicHouse, Janusz Kahl and a member of the cluster Wojciech Stawowczyk from BLOK Architects met with the Mayor of Rzeszów, Tadeusz Ferenc, dir. of Department of Promotion and International Cooperation, Marzena Furtak-Żebracka and urban architect. The purpose of the meeting was cooperation with the projects planned by NordicHouse and SPCleantech and to invite them to join the cluster.
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Meeting of VR and AR group

On 08.09.2017 NordicHouse took part in another meeting of a group of companies operating within the VR and AR Platform organized in the Cracow Technology Park, KPT. During the meeting companies presented the technologies and projects that they perform for their clients and which can also be used by SPCleantech members.
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Peer Review w SKILLS+ in Krakow

After the meeting in March 2016 in Riga, Latvia turn came to Krakow. On 06-08.2017, the Peer Review group from 4 EU regions with participation of NordicHouse met in the project “Supporting knowledge capacity of ICT SME to engage in growth and innovation by improving regional policies and infrastructure” within the framework of the EU Interreg Europa program.
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Visit in Øresund (DK, S)

On 27-30.08.2017, NordicHouse President, Janusz Kahl visited Greater Copenhagen Region (DK) and Skåne Business Region – Malmø, Lund (S). On the first day there was a visit to Malmø (S) at the MAXI IV Laboratory, a Swedish national laboratory providing scientists with the most brilliant X-rays for scientific research. With over 30 years of experience in the operation of the MAX I-III, the MAX IV was launched, which was launched on June 21, 2016. Janusz Kahl met with laboratory director Christoph Quitmann and Stefan Johansson from Invest in Skåne with whom he spoke about future cooperation.
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Consolidation of VR and AR industry

On 03.08.2017 a meeting of representatives of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) companies found place in which also participated NordicHouse. During the meeting participants learned about NordicHouse and SPCleantech cluster and then discussed the industry consolidation and joint efforts to improve collaboration and the promotion of innovative VR and AR solutions for industry and business. NordicHouse will be responsible for creation of a new cluster.
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