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PV modules to Scandinavia

NordicHouse is responsible for marketing and selling PV modules manufactured by the Swedish company AIT Poland in Tarnow, Southern Poland. Photovoltaic (PV) modules are a high quality products, basing on the Swedish technological and quality standards converting solar energy to electricity. The main target markets for NordicHouse are Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Scotland.
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Cooperation with Falck in Poland

NordicHouse has started cooparation with the Danisch rescue company - Falck Medycyna in Southern Poland. The cooperation involves the regions of Silesia, Malopolskie, Podkarpackie and Swietokrzyskie. Falck in Poland is the biggest private rescue company with ambulance services as a specialty.
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Scandinavian Club

NordicHouse organises in it´s premises monthly meetings of Scandinavian Club. The purpose of these meetings is to create a forum for exchanging of expiriences of Scandinavian companies and Scandinavians functioning and living in Southern Poland.   
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Help to Nordic companies

NordicHouse helps Nordic companies in Poland. It can be establishment of a new company, export, finding of a partner or market research. In December 2010 Nordic House has as agent  helped 2 Danish companies in entering big supermarket chains, as Alma, Tesco and BP with its gas stations.
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Seminar - Baltic, the Sea of Innovation

On 10 November, 2010, Janus Kahl, CEO in NordicHouse participated in the seminar "Baltic, the Sea of Innovation. Workshop I: Innovative Clusters". The seminar was organised by demosEUROPA, the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems VINNOVA. The seminar took place at the premises of the Representation of the European Commission in Warsaw.

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New products

To the Polish market NordicHouse has introduced products to easy transfer of patients manufactured by Swedish company, RoMedic. The products make life quality better for patients, prevents decubitus and makes nurses work easyer. The products are sold to hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and care shops.
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Alternative energy sources - conference in Krakow

On October 5 and 6, 2010 NordicHouse took part in the conference "Alternative energy sources and energy saving in municipalities - theory and practice". The conference was organized by Association of Municipalities and Districts in Malopolska. CEO in NordicHouse, Janus Kahl presented the newest Scandinavian solutions, which awoke a great interest among the participants.
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Cleantech meeting in Copenhagen

On 23-26 August, 2010, the chairman of NordicHouse, Janus Kahl visited Copenhagen for the meeting of Goodwill Ambassadors in the Danish-Swedish Region of Oresund. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the challenges of innovation,  for instance the fastest expanding industry of clean energy – Cleantech, as well as the newly formed cluster, Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster (CCC).
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Cooperation with D&W Architects

NordicHouse has started cooperation with the Architectural Office D&W Architects in Poland and Scandinavia. D&W Architects has great experience from Scandinavian and local building market thanks to the knowledge of Scandinavian technical solutions, project organization and budget development.
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Maud Olofsson in Krakow

On 14-17 May, 2010 Sweden’s Industry and Energy Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Maud Olofsson visited Krakow. The CEO in NordicHouse and Swedish consul in Krakow, Janus Kahl, was responsible for arranging her private stay in the city. The visit was an extension of her official visit hosted by Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister, Waldemar Pawlak.
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About our work
NordicHouse in Krakow is a consulting company, which was created with the purpose of initiating and developing the interregional cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Southern Poland through promotion of contacts for business, tourism and culture.