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International conference in Krakow and Zakopane

Between 23-25 September 2015, NordicHouse organized together with the Tatra Museum in Zakopane an international conferences in Krakow with a day study-visit to Zakopane. The conference was on the artists' colonies and return to nature around 1900. It was related to the EUROPEAN REVIVALS research project launched in 2009 by the Ateneum Museum in Helsinki. Until now there were three European Revivals conferences: two in Helsinki in 2009 and 2012 and one in the National Gallery in Oslo last year. 
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Concerts in Krakow

On the 18-19.10.2014, NordicHouse organized two concerts together with TM Resor/AnfraEvent from Stockholm. The concerts were performed by three Scandinavian chamber choirs: ‘Cantorums Menskör’ from Gøteborg, S, ‘Byåsen Sangkor’ from Trondheim, N and ‘Helsingebygdens Kör’ from Helsinge, Fl. In total the concerts were performed by 150 participants.
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Concert of Swedish musicians

On April 24th, 2014 appeared at the meeting of the Scandinavian Club in NordicHouse, Swedish music group, Trio Apart consisting of Anna Wikenius, singer, James Grubbström, guitar and Donald Winterstam, electric piano. Grouppen performed works by famous and popular Swedish composers.
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Dagmar Glemme´s exhibition

Between February, 21-30, 2014 NordicHouse organises an exibition by Dagmar Glemme, a Swedish painter and artist also working with glass "Cosmic bridge to the earth". Despite the fact, that Dagmar Glemme has shown her works in Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Spain and Brasil, it is her first exhibition in Poland. 
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Exibition in Hillerød Library, DK

On March 07, 2013, CEO in NordicHouse, Janusz Kahl attended the opening of a travelling exhibition at Hillerød Library. The exhibition organized by the Nordic House, Association "Odin" and Krakow Pedagogical University under the name "The right to be a child" was a tribute to Janusz Korczak, Polish doctor and child therapist. The pictures of the exibition included children, students and professional painters from 5 countries. It was shown in New York, Krakow, Stochholm, Hillerød and Ljubliana.
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Promotion of Danish jazz

During the period 08-10.11.2012, 11 of the most known Danish jazz bands stayed in NordicHouses guest rooms. The Danish jazz musicians participated in promotion of Danish jazz in Krakow. The promotion was organized by Jazz Danmark in cooperation with publishing firm Stunt Records under  the patronage of the Danish Embassy and in cooperation with NordicHouse.
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Conference In footprints of Adam Mickiewicz

On May 20, 2012 in NordicHouse, a conference organized in the frame of Swedish project "A literary journey" found place. The organizers of this project are the Swedish writers Maria Söderberg, Lina Ekdahl, Anelli Jodahl and Sara Lundberg in cooperation with the Swedish Insitute, Swedish Literary Council and Swedish, Bielarusian and Polish organisations. 
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Exibition in Vejle, Denmark

From February 1 until May 30, 2010 NordicHouse presents the exhibition “Wspólne spojrzenie 2” (Shared view 2) with paintings made by two Danish artists: Vivi Christensen and Finn Birkelund and two Polish artists: Małgorzata Rosińska and Anna Schumacher. The paintings were created during a painting session organized by NordicHouse in Kraków in 2009. The exibition is being presented in the seat of the Danish region, Region Syddanmark in Vejle in Jutland.
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Jens Bjerregaard in Krakow

NordicHouse has invited Jens Bjerregard, a well known Danish choreographer, was member of the jury for the European Festival of Contemporary Dance in Krakow. On March 4,  2011 the jury  decided which dance companies from the whole of Europe will be chosen to participate in the festival. NordicHouse is the coorganiser of this festival.
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Danish-Polish art exhibition

From the 4th until the 27th November, 2010 the NordicHouse Gallery presented the exhibition “Wspólne spojrzenie 2” (Shared view 2) with paintings made by 2 Danish artists: Vivi Christensen and Finn Birkelund and 2 Polish artists: Małgorzata Rosińska and Anna Schumacher. The paintings were created during a painting session organized by NordicHouse in Kraków in 2009.  
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