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NH Recruitment is a part of NordicHouse and has worked with recruitment to Nordic companies since 2005. We recruit graduated specialists as well as skilled and unskilled employees via Search where we head-hunt qualified candidates, and via Selection where we make advertisements to attract candidates.

All recruitment projects take a point of departure in our database of candidates which consists of poeple who have sent us their CV and want to work in the Scandinavian countries.

In addition to our database of candidates NH Recruitment has entered into alliances with providers of internet based candidate databases in Poland. These alliances secure that we at any time present the positions we want to man optimally and that we reach as large a part of the potential CV’s as possible.
About our work
NordicHouse in Krakow is a consulting company, which was created with the purpose of initiating and developing the interregional cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Southern Poland through promotion of contacts for business, tourism and culture.