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Business – Start-up


NordicHouse has big experience in starting-up new companies in Poland.
NordicHouse has helped in establishing following companies in Poland:
1. NKT Polska
    The company was responsible for the biggest project in Poland at that time, the so
    called North-South Link, the fiber-optical telefone connection from Bornholm in
    Denmark to Tjech Republic. Today the link is used by the Polish Telekom and the
    Polish Railway.

2. ISS Facility Service
    Poland was the only country in Europe, where ISS could not buy a cleaning company.
    A new company was therefore started from scratch. Today the company employs  
    3 000 people. NordicHouse became a partner in the company with 25% shares.
    Three years after establishing the company NordicHouse was bought out.
3. ScanRehab
    The company sells Nordic products which are used by the health and hospital sectors.
4. CEBI Polska
    is a consulting company whose aim is to commercialize patents and support 
    Norwegian-Polish research projects, that are carried out in cooperation with
    incubators and technolgy parks in both countries. 
5. CapNor Poland
    is a Norwegian engineering company, that works with computer scanning of
    Norwegian drilling platforms. The company employs about 100 Polish engineers.

About our work
NordicHouse in Krakow is a consulting company, which was created with the purpose of initiating and developing the interregional cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Southern Poland through promotion of contacts for business, tourism and culture.