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NH Recruitment is a part of NordicHouse a consultant agency helping Nordic companies on the Polish market.

NH Recruitment works with recruitment of temporary workers and permanent staff from Poland with focus on the Nordic countries. The office is situated in Cracow in the southern part of Poland, that with its 170 000 students on 13 universities is the heart of education in the country.

Our first projects were recruiting doctors for Danish hospitals. Today we focus on recruitment of graduated specialists as well as skilled and unskilled employees to smaller companies and large global coorporations across different businesses.

NH Recruitment is a part of NordicHouse and has worked with recruitment to Nordic companies since 2005. We recruit graduated specialists as well as skilled and unskilled employees via Search where we head-hunt qualified candidates, and via Selection where we make advertisements to attract candidates.

All recruitment projects take a point of departure in our database of candidates which consists of poeple who have sent us their CV and want to work in the Scandinavian countries.

In addition to our database of candidates NH Recruitment has entered into alliances with providers of internet based candidate databases in Poland. These alliances secure that we at any time present the positions we want to man optimally and that we reach as large a part of the potential CV’s as possible.

We put much emphasis on and energy into developing a close personal contact to both the candidates and the companies that want to recruit to develop a long term and fruitful cooperation. The better we know the company – its working processes and culture – the better we can find the right candidates.

The aim of our involvement in the recruitment process is to spare the company for the time and resources that a recruitment project takes and better the chances of finding the right candidate for the position. This will make the new employee contribute to the revenue and profit for the company as quickly as possible.

Janus Kahl who was born in Cracow, Poland, moved to Denmark in 1970. After graduating from Copenhagen Business School he worked for several of years in different Danish companies. In 1992 he started a consulting agency in Poland.

In addition to the work as a consultant for Nordic companies he also has other honorary positions. In 1996 he was appointed Danish and in 2006 also Swedish honorary consul in the southern part of Poland. In 2006 he was appointed leader of the local department of Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce – Polands third largest of its kind with more than 380 Nordic member companies. The Cracow department covers the western and the southern parts of Poland.

Janus Kahl is Goodwill Ambassador for Copenhagen and the Øresund region.

In 2005 he was appointed Knight of Dannebrog by her majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

As a reply to an increasing demand for recruitment of graduated workers from Poland in 2005 he started with recruitment of doctors and nurses for Danish hospitals. After this followed recruitment projects of specialists for the construction business.

Janus Kahl has international certificate within PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) provided by Thomas Int. His many years of experience as a consultant in Poland and extensive knowledge on Poland and the Polish society makes him the preferred partner for both DI (Confederation of Danish Industries) and Dansk Erhverv (Danish Chamber of Commerce) on issues regarding recruitment in Poland).

NH Recruitment has an ambition to become the preferred partner in recruitment of qualified Polish labour for Nordic companies. We want to be the most trustworthy and competent search and selection partner. That is why we are innovative and development oriented both when it comes to processes and tools as well as human resources and relations.

At the same time we make always sure to be updated with the newest market developments and thereby able to cope with the demand and consistent flow of labour in the future.

Our extensive experience has created a remarkable competence in choosing the right candidates. Combined with knowledge on the recruiting company and its present situation we can make the right match.

Coorporating with NH Recruitment is a shortcut to finding the right employees. Regardless if it is regarding a limited task/function for a single candidate, a larger time or season focused project that more candidates will work on together, or a permanent position at the company.

There is no doubt that the need for foreign recruitment will be increasing in the future and that qualified labour from Poland will be a very attractive alternative to local recruitment.

Communication and sparring is a vital necessity in finding the right individual for every position at a company. We are your partner for sparring from the first meeting where the job description is made.

We discuss the company situation, the needs and expectations, and what the new employee can expect regarding responsibility areas, work tasks, competences, personal development possibilities and contract.

Together we will define the demands that the candidate must live up to regarding performance, theoretical knowledge and practical experience, personal characteristics and beliefs. We will also discuss and guide you on which recruitment process will be the most suiting to the position in mind.

At the end we develop a time plan for the process. Normally such a process can be closed with a successful result within one or two month.

For us to be able to find the right candidate for the vacant position we must have a solid and objective knowledge about the job and the company. This knowledge will be build up from interviews with relevant employees within your company. Based on the analysis from the first meeting and the interviews made we develop a profile that describes the job, the company and the professional personal demands that the candidate must live up to. This profile serves as a common reference tool between you, the candidate and us. The profile of the company and the job is approved by you and presented to potential candidates.

With a departure in the profile of the company and the job we search for candidates in our network and our database who initially are contacted by phone and thereafter interviewed.

Personal interviews and personality analysis (if wanted) of chosen candidates are made parallel with gathering of references from former employers or individuals that can confirm the candidate’s qualifications. During these interviews we get very close to the candidates, their personal skills, professional qualifications and experience as well as their career and motivation for applying.

For each of the qualified candidates we develop presentation material that consists of a description of the profile of the candidate, education and career. We send you the material before the candidates are presented at a meeting.

NH Recruitment coordinates the practical details for the meeting between the company and the candidate if the meeting is to take place in Denmark. We will with pleasure participate in the interview where after the whole recruitment process is evaluated with both the company and the candidate.
Another possibility is that the HR responsible in the company comes to Cracow to interview the proposed candidates in our offices.

The final candidate is of course chosen by the company. When the candidate is found you negotiate salary and contract for the new employee. Our assistance is also provided in this process if needed.

When the contract has been signed by both parties we contact the candidates that were turned down. The candidates that we presented to you we contact personally in order for them to get answers to potential questions. Candidates that have not been presented receive a written turn down.

When we have finished a recruitment process we always collect feedback from the company and the candidate on their satisfaction of the total experience. Likewise we follow up on the conditions of employment at the company and the new employee after one and three month.

We have a guarantee of six month. This means that we find a new candidate for the same job profile at our expense if the employment relationship against expectations should be terminated due to factors relating to our recommendations of the candidate.

NordicHouse har rekrutteret en psykiater til Psykiatrisk Afdeling på Vejle Hospital (DK). Lægen gennmgik danskkursus på NordicHouse. 
NordicHouse har rekrutteret en onkolog til Onkologisk Afdeling på Vejle Hospital (DK). Lægen gennmgik danskkursus på NordicHouse.
NordicHouse har rekrutteret en neurolog til Neurogisk Afdeling på Vejle Hospital (DK). Lægen gennmgik danskkursus på NordicHouse. 
NordicHouse har rekrutteret en radiolog til Radiologisk Afdeling på Hjørring Hospital (DK). Lægen gennmgik danskkursus på NordicHouse. 
NordicHouse har rekrutteret en radiolog til Radiologisk Afdeling på Vestsjællands Center (DK). Lægen gennmgik danskkursus på NordicHouse.

Recruitment of nurses to the Capital Region of Copenhagen

From the beginning of 2008 NordicHouse had a recruitment project concerning the recruitment of 26 nurses from Poland to the Capital Region of Copenhagen in Denmark.
The Polish nurses are today working in different hospitals such as: Gentofte Hospital, Glostrup Hospital, Herlev Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital, Amager Hospital, Hillerød Hospital and Helsingør Hospital.
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NordicHouse har indgået en aftale med den danske byggevirksomhed MT Højgaard A/S om rekruttering af ingeniører fra Polen til Danmark.
NordicHouse har rekrutteret 2 unge ingeniører til MT Højgaards dattervirksomhed, Promecon.

About our work
NordicHouse in Krakow is a consulting company, which was created with the purpose of initiating and developing the interregional cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Southern Poland through promotion of contacts for business, tourism and culture.