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NordicHouse is a consulting company, whose purpose it is to be your preferred facilitating partner in Poland. This means that our staff in a professional way will be able to help you and your company with all the challenges that you encounter during your activities in Poland.
Among our network of partners that we have cooperated with for many years are lawyers, accountants and local authorities. We can help you establishing your business on the Polish market, selling products and services, etc.
If you have ideas about establishment, development or cooperation projects that can be financed by EU funds we are most likely able to help you.

NordicHouse helps Nordic companies in Poland and Polish companies in Nordic countries with:

  • searching for partners
  • establishment of companies
  • market analysis
  • legal advice
  • trade agreements
  • sale of products
  • carrying out projects
  • export to Poland

In NordicHouse you will find the Center for Alternative Energy Sources whose purpose is to promote alternative sources of energy such as wind, sun and biomass. A modern low energy demonstration heating system with sun panels and floor heating system controlled by radio waves has been installed in NordicHouse. The project has been financed by The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and Danfoss (DK).


Apart from that the institution participates in different projects co-financed by EU, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA) and the Danish Energy Agency (DEA).

NordicHouse carried out tasks for different Nordic partners and companies in Poland:

1. Institutionel partners
    Miljøstyrelsen (DK), Energistyrelsen (DK), Dansk Industri (DK), Københavns Amt
    (DK), Fyns Amt (DK), Århus Amt (DK), Viborg Amt (DK), Region Hovedstaden (DK), 
    Region Syddanmark (DK), Region Rågaland (N),  Aarhus Kommune (DK), Odense
    Kommune (DK), Odense Vandselskab (DK), Energi Viborg (DK), Naturgas Midt-Nord
    (DK), Reno Nord (DK), Stavanger kommune (N), Hånæringshage (N), SIVA (N), 
    Øresund Science Region (S), Medicon Valley (DK), Øresund IT (S), Ishøj Sprogskolen
2. Hospitals
    Gentofte Hospital (DK), Herlev Hospital (DK), Glostrup Hospital (DK), Århus Hospital
    (DK), Vejle Hospital (DK), Ullevål Sykhuset (N), Rydygiera Hospital (PL), Dietla
    Hospital (PL).
3. Private companies
    Danfoss, Grundfos, Carlsberg, Coloplast, Norsk Hydro, Oras, Nordea, Tryg, Niras,
    Krüger, Nardos, Brüsch, Jokan System, MT Højgaard, Babcock&Wilcox Vølund, Duba, Brønnum, TCM Danmark, Beltone, Radisson, CPH West, Ventac Partners.

NordicHouse has big experience in starting-up new companies in Poland.
NordicHouse has helped in establishing following companies in Poland:
1. NKT Polska
    The company was responsible for the biggest project in Poland at that time, the so
    called North-South Link, the fiber-optical telefone connection from Bornholm in
    Denmark to Tjech Republic. Today the link is used by the Polish Telekom and the
    Polish Railway.

2. ISS Facility Service
    Poland was the only country in Europe, where ISS could not buy a cleaning company.
    A new company was therefore started from scratch. Today the company employs  
    3 000 people. NordicHouse became a partner in the company with 25% shares.
    Three years after establishing the company NordicHouse was bought out.
3. ScanRehab
    The company sells Nordic products which are used by the health and hospital sectors.
4. CEBI Polska
    is a consulting company whose aim is to commercialize patents and support 
    Norwegian-Polish research projects, that are carried out in cooperation with
    incubators and technolgy parks in both countries. 
5. CapNor Poland
    is a Norwegian engineering company, that works with computer scanning of
    Norwegian drilling platforms. The company employs about 100 Polish engineers.

NordicHouse would like to represent companies with interesting and innovative products and services. Are you considering entering the Polish market please contact us:  j.kahl@nordichouse.pl or nh@nordichouse.pl

Products to care and hospital sectors
NordicHouse sales through its daughter company,  ScanRehab Sp. z o.o. products to care and hospital sectors in Poland. These products cover 3 areas:
1. Decubitus 
    ScanRehab sells anti-decubitus mattrasses and other products made by the
    Danish company TTMed Product.
2. Devices for transferring patients
    ScanRehab sells products for transferring patients with restricted possibility
    of moving. Devices are produced by the Swedish company RoMedic.
3. Sheets and covers for incontinent patients
    ScanRehab sells sheets and covers produced by the Danish company PeVeCette.
If you have any products covering the needs in this area or other that apply to care or hospital sectors please contact us:

Introducing ECT in Poland

NordicHouse introduced a new cancer treatment method in Poland. The new method - Electro Chemio Therapy (ECT) based on electroporation (electric pulses) is being introduced in Polands leading cancer center M. Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology in Warszawa.
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Introducing Cliniporator to the Polish market

NordicHouse was responsible for introducing  a new device applied in electrochemotherapy, Cliniporator to the Polish market. Electrochemotherapy is a new local therapeutic approach for the control and treatment of tumours.

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NordicHouse can help you with direct sales in the Polish market and answer all your questions in connection with export to Poland.


We can either do it ourselves or we can find suitable representatives on the market.

NordicHouse participates in different kinds of national and international projects.
The projects are most often financed by EU funds, county funds or other international partners.
If you have an idea for an interesting project and you do not know, how to find financing or how to write an application for local or EU funding, please contact our specialists on this matter.

Cooperation with Malopolska Regional Development Agency (MARR)

On November 26, 2008, Janusz Kahl, the CEO of NordicHouse, met chairman of Malopolska Regional Development Agency (MARR) in Krakow, Krzysztof Krzysztofiak. The purpose of the visit were talks concerning the creation of Malopolska Science Region, portal "Business in Malopolska" and activities in connection with export to Nordic Countries.
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Cooperation with Krakow Technology Park

On September 24, 2008, Janusz Kahl, the CEO of NordicHouse, visited the recently opened Technological Incubator in Krakow Technology Park.
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Creation of Malopolska Science Region

On September 23, 2008, Janusz Kahl, CEO of NordicHouse, visited plnipotentiary of the marshall of Malopolska Region responsible for innovations, Jerzy Jedlinski.
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Study visit in Oresund

On August 20-22, 2008 NordicHouse organized a study visit to Øresund - the Danish-Swedish science region (Copenhagen, Malmø, Lund).
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Projects with SIVA and CEBI Nor

On 10-13 September, 2008 NordicHouse organized a visit of Ulf Hustad from SIVA, the Norwegian public owned company responsible for innovation in Norway, and Egil Wathne from CEBI Nor.
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Norwegian visit in Krakow

On 04-06 September, 2007 NordicHouse together with Næringshage organized a visit of 25 Norwegian companies in Krakow. During their visit in Krakow company representatives participated in the conference "Characteristics of the Malopolska Region - investing opportunites for Norwegian partners".

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Næringshage in NordicHouse

On 20-21 September, 2006 NordicHouse organized a visit of representatives for 49 Norwegian Næringshage (business gardens) as well as SIVA, the Norwegian public owned company, responsible for innovation in Norway (co-owner of all business gardens).
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About our work
NordicHouse in Krakow is a consulting company, which was created with the purpose of initiating and developing the interregional cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Southern Poland through promotion of contacts for business, tourism and culture.