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Scandinavian Business Forum –


Scandinavian Business Forum is a platform, which main purpose is to facilitate contacts between Polish companies and Scandinavian markets and organizing integration meetings for Scandinaves, that live in Krakow or Southern Poland.
This goal is achieved by organizing seminars, meeting, information, discussion foras and integration meetings. Scandinavian Business Forum cooperates with the Danish, Sweedish and Finnish consulates and with the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, which are situated in NordicHouse. 
At the moment we have 25 members from Danmark, Sweeden, Norway and Finland, that participate regurarly in our meetings organized in NordicHout at ul. sw. Anny 5.
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About our work
NordicHouse in Krakow is a consulting company, which was created with the purpose of initiating and developing the interregional cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Southern Poland through promotion of contacts for business, tourism and culture.