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Visit of NH employee in Krakow

Between 08 - 11.01.2019, we will be visited by Martin, a representative of NordicHouse in Copenhagen (DK). On Tuesday, 08.01.2019, Martin will meet at 16.00 at NordicHouse, headquarters of SPCleantech, ul. św. Anny 5 in Krakow with members and cluster partners interested in the Scandinavian markets.
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Business Networking VR, AR i MR

NordicHouse organized on Tuesday, 27.11.2018 a cyclical event “Business Networking” this time combined with the presentation of VR, AR and MR platform members to which they invited the cluster Members and Partners. The meeting was held at the premises the founder and shareholder of SPCleantech, the AGH UST Energy Center in Krakow.
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Mentors Program for Uniw. of Technology

The President of NordicHouse, Janusz Kahl participates in the role of an expert in the Mentors Program “Do not Stop Go Top! Mentors Academy for PK STEM Students “. The aim of the program is to propose an interesting offer of scientific, professional and personal development to the Krakow University of Technology community.
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Greentech Challange in BLOX w Kopenhadze (DK)

NordicHouse and SPCleantech´s employee in Copenhagen (DK), Martin participated in one weeks (24-30.10. 2018) GREENTECH CHALLENGE held in BLOXHUB in Copenhagen, full with amazing energy, green sustainable ideas and motivated participants. NordicHouse and SPCleantech are members of BLOXHUB and from January 2019 will have a dedicated desk in BLOX, one of Copenhagens´s major urban development projects and a new center for Smart City, smart architecture and digital transformation in Europe.
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Visit to Merinova in Vaasa (FI)

On 29-31.10.2018, the president of NordicHouse, Janusz Kahl visited a befriended Finnish energy cluster Merinova from Vaasa in Finland. The purpose of the visit was to discuss further cooperation between the clusters, especially joint applications for EU funds to support cluster member companies and direct conversations with Merinova members on the promotion and support of interested companies on the Polish market.
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Networking for Start-ups

NordicHouse organized on 24.10.2018 a networking meeting for Start-ups “Start-ups – choosing the optimal form of activity”.
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Open Space - Bio-economy

On October 11, 2018,NordicHouse participated as a partner in the Life Science Open Space conference 2018 – Open Cooperation and Innovation Forum for Health and Quality of Life at the ICE Congress Center in Krakow. Open Space is an open Cooperation and Innovation Forum for Health and Quality of Life addressed to people representing all fields of science, business and administration, interested in technology, innovation, open to cooperation or seeking partners for development of projects aimed at improving health and quality of life.
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Partnership with Clean in DK

On 28.09.2018 NordicHouse entered into partnership with one of the strongest cleantech clusters in EU, Clean from Copenhagen, DK. During the meeting in Copenhagen (DK) with participation of Janusz Kahl, Martin (SPCleantech Copenhagen), Dominik from Horizon Studio (member of SPCleantech) and Carsten Orth Gaarn-Jensen, CEO in Clean Cluster partners agreed on closer cooperation in the field of cleantech.
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3rd Expert Workshop in Brussels (B)

On 19.09.2018, Janusz Kahl, CEO in NordicHouse participated in 3rd Expert Workshop in Brussels (B) which aimed to present and validate the EU 2030 Vision on High-Tech Skills, which will be operationalised by collectively applying its Toolbox to prominent cases of rising technologies in the mobility sector. 
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South Poland House in Brussels

On 18.09.2018 Janusz Kahl, CEO in NordicHouse met the director of the Representation of Malopolska Region in Brussels, Renata Jasiołek. During the meeting, the organizations presented the scope of their activities and discussed joint activities for the future. SPCleantech will participate in the promotion of the Representation Office and the South Polish House, in organizing meetings with members and a wide range of SMEs in Małopolska, organization of joint projects and lobbying in Poland and abroad.
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About our work
NordicHouse in Krakow is a consulting company, which was created with the purpose of initiating and developing the interregional cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Southern Poland through promotion of contacts for business, tourism and culture.